Inclusive Language Week – This Is How Western Civilisation Commits Suicide

Ball pits, puppy dog videos and safe spaces – the seeds of Western civilisational decline are being sown on the university campus

Heat Street reports on the slow-motion suicide of Western civilisation:

During its “inclusive language” campaign, California State University-Northridge students lounged in a bouncy-ball pit and held forth about words that hurt their feelings in a so-called “vent tent,” Heat Street has learned after exclusively reviewing documents and video footage.

CSU-Northridge’s event stretched on for an entire week, teaching students about “potentially hurtful phrases” and cautioning that “using non-inclusive language can have a negative affect on others.”

The University Student Union, a student-led nonprofit campus organization, spent more than $1,000 in student fees on the event, according to invoices. Urging students to avoid hurtful language, USU came up with a list of offensive words — and then printed them in huge, all-caps text, hanging the poster on campus regardless of their supposedly triggering potential.

[..] USU also created a spinning wheel of the phrases it deemed offensive, hiring a videographer and prompting students to describe why a word or term could cause emotional harm and what language they’d use instead.

Most students acquiesced. Some suggested that specific words be banned outright.

The article doesn’t quite do it justice. Apparently California State University-Northridge also laid on a ball pit for their infantilised students to sit in and carp on endlessly about their feewings.

Katherine Timpf, who does an excellent job covering the social justice beat for the National Review, reports:

Students at the California State University–Northridge sat around in a big ball pit (which they a called a “vent tent”) and talked about hurtful words and their feelings as part of a school-sponsored inclusive language campaign.

According to video and documents obtained by Heat Street, the campaign lasted for a week, was put on by the University Student Union (USU), and cost more than $1,000 in student fees. It’s not clear exactly how much of that money was spent on the ball pit rental, or if there is any research supporting the idea that sitting in a ball pit while having a discussion provides any educational and/or therapeutic benefits.

Maybe Glenn Reynolds was right the first time – if these infantilised people are so desperate to be treated like children, maybe we really do need to look at temporarily removing the franchise from them by raising the voting age.

It is obscene as it is absurd that the current generation of students in the English-speaking West, living in the most prosperous and technologically advanced age in history and enjoying tools and luxuries undreamed of by their grandparents, have nonetheless been raised to be so self-involved and determined to wallow in their own confected fragility. What are we doing?

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.


Safe Space Notice - 2

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One thought on “Inclusive Language Week – This Is How Western Civilisation Commits Suicide

  1. AndrewZ September 22, 2016 / 9:11 PM

    We’re seeing the convergence of two different problems.

    On the one hand there’s plain old decadence. The whining adult babies in American universities come from the most affluent sections of the richest society that has ever existed. They think that the whole world should be re-arranged for their convenience because they’ve always had their every whim indulged throughout their entire lives. But they are not the beginning of the problem because their parents would never have brought them up in that way if they had ever imagined that their little darlings would have to face real hardship or difficulty. It’s the culmination of several generations – at least, among the elite – of people who take it for granted that all the serious problems have already been solved.

    On the other hand there’s the occupation of the universities by the radical left. I use the word “occupation” because it is an invasion by hostile forces which have goals that are inimical to the true purposes of the institution. But it’s not just the tenured radicals in the faculty. It’s also the legions of “diversity” administrators who need to find some evidence of racism and oppression to justify their huge salaries, even if they have to conjure it out of thin air.

    The result is the emergence of a symbiotic relationship between the spoilt brats and the leftist staff. The brats get validation for their sense of entitlement and a whole vocabulary of pseudo-academic jargon to use as a rationalisation for their utter selfishness. The leftists get a mob of hysterical narcissists which can be used to drive their opponents out of the university.

    This results in a feedback loop. The brats always crave more validation so they always need a new reason to feel that they are oppressed and therefore deserving of special treatment. The leftists always want more power and the diversity bureaucrats always want an excuse to demand more funding, so they try to give the brats what they want. But the more the brats get the greater their sense of entitlement grows and the more they demand.

    It’s a wildfire that will rage until it has consumed all the available fuel, including the leftist faculty who set it going in the first place.


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