Samuel Hooper has appeared as a guest on the BBC’s flagship Daily Politics show, and presented their weekly Soapbox feature.

Sam is also a regular contributor on London Live TV’s Headline London lunchtime news programme, debating topical issues from a common sense – yet often inexplicably controversial – conservatarian perspective.

Lively and informative excerpts from recent appearances are shown below:

Should the voting age be raised? Discussing whether a generation of students who insist on Safe Spaces, Trigger Warnings, the No Platforming of controversial speakers and draconian restrictions on freedom of thought and action on campus are emotionally resilient enough to vote and take part in electoral politics


Eid & Diwali: In support of separation of church and state, arguing that Eid and Diwali should not become UK public holidays


Does the NHS serve us, or do we serve the NHS? Criticising the “999 Call For The NHS” protesters for their reactionary opposition to healthcare reform, and arguing in support of private sector involvement in the NHS


Gentrification & Hipsters: Defending gentrification in London, and condemning all the UK political parties for failing to build enough houses to keep prices affordable


Click here if you would like me to appear on your radio or television programme.


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