Waiting For The Brexit Apocalypse

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I told you so!

This piece by satirical news site NewsThump accurately sums up the attitude of many disappointed pro-EU Remain supporters, consumed with bitterness at their defeat:

A Remain supporter has confirmed that he would feel much happier for Brexit to be a massive failure and proven right than for Britain to become successful in a post-EU world.

“Well, obviously, I’d like to live in a successful country,” said Simon Williams, a Remain supporter who works in ‘media’.

“But not at the expense of me being proved wrong. That’s unthinkable.

“These are clearly very uncertain times,” he continued while sipping a frappe-mocha-latte-coo-coo-ca-chino.

“So I think it’s important that I, along with all remain supporters, maintain a constant state of gloom and pessimism, and meet any signs of optimism by saying something like ‘well, it’s early days, you wait until the country just falls into a big hole in the ground and everyone dies screaming, then you’ll be sorry’.

“Because otherwise it might mean that Brexit won’t be a disaster, and who wants to live in a world where people like me can possibly be wrong about anything.”

In a sense, it is inevitable that a hard core of bitter Remainers are actively willing political isolation and economic ruin on their own country. When someone’s concept of patriotism and their belief in the capabilities of modern Britain lead them to conclude that sheltering in a failing, anachronistic supranational union is our only shot at maintaining global relevance, it is somehow unsurprising to catch them in the act of rooting for our national failure.

Unsurprising, but disappointing all the same.

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Top Image: Metro

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