Music For The Day

String Quartet in G Minor, 3rd movement – Andantino, doucement expressif – by Claude Debussy, performed here by the Emerson Quartet.


Despite having to study this piece for A-level music exams over a decade ago, I still very much enjoy hearing it. The CD recording by the Belcea quartet is also particularly good.


Music For The Day

“Dialogue du vent et de la mer”, the third movement of Debussy’s orchestral masterpiece, performed here by the peerless London Symphony Orchestra, of which (declaring all biases upfront) I am a longtime supporter and patron.


Gergiev, conducting, is in fine form here, as are the LSO brass and woodwind, who add so much colour and tone to this piece. I was present in the audience when this video recording was made.

If this is new to you and it doesn’t grab you right away, stick with it for the climax and finale (beginning at around 5’50), and then go and listen to the first and second movements as well. You won’t be disappointed.