Owen Smith Yearns To Defy The British People And Thwart Brexit. Let Him Try.

Owen Smith’s desperate, EU-loving Labour leadership candidacy is a giant F-U to the very people the Labour Party needs to be courting if it ever wants to regain power

Fresh from announcing his plans to host a jolly afternoon tea party for Islamic State in the gardens of Buckingham Palace, contemptible Labour Party nobody Owen Smith has continued to set about alienating Labour’s already furious working class base by pitching himself as a champion of the metro-left’s childish demand that democracy be overturned and the EU referendum result disregarded.

From the Guardian:

Owen Smith has accused Jeremy Corbyn of having never believed in the European project and is seeking to turn the issue of the EU referendum into the key dividing line in the battle for the Labour leadership.

The Labour leader hit back by telling his challenger that he had to respect the result of June’s referendum and accept that Brexit was on the table.

In his strongest attack yet, Smith – whose team are planning to place debate over the EU at the heart of their campaign – said:

“I think Jeremy can’t bring himself to say he would argue for a second referendum or put into a Labour manifesto that we would stay within the European Union because he fundamentally never believed in the European union.

“That is why he steadfastly refuses [to promise a second referendum], even though he acknowledges a likely Tory Brexit will diminish workers’ rights; damage social protections; damage our ability to deal with tax avoidance. Even though he thinks that is likely to happen, he thinks it more important that we stay outside the EU – I think that is a deep deep mistake.”

Smith, who is trailing well behind in the polls, hopes that a pledge for Labour to take Britain back into the EU will appeal to pro-European Labour members and boost his chances.

“We should be fighting harder, why can’t you say you would fight to stay in?” he shouted.

Why won’t he FIGHT, mummy? Why won’t the Bad Man fight for us to stay in our pwecious European Union? Why won’t he stand up to the Evil Tor-eees and make the wefewendum wesult go away? It’s not fair mummy, it’s not fair!

Pathetic. Utterly pathetic. If by some complete miracle (probably involving the abduction of Jeremy Corbyn by aliens) Owen Smith does become leader of the Labour Party, what little is left of Labour’s depleted working class base will march off into the sunset forever. Labour will be able to add northern England to Scotland on the growing list of UK regions where anyone wearing a red campaign rosette is no longer welcome.

You know what? Good luck to him. I hope Owen Smith actually wins the Labour leadership contest and joins up with other antidemocratic snakes like Hampstead & Kilburn’s Tulip Siddiq in trying to derail Brexit in Parliament. If Smith thinks that things are bad now, I look forward to observing the expression on his face when the entire fabric of the Labour Party comes apart in his well-manicured, pampered, ex-lobbyist’s hands as he loses his faltering grip on constituency after Brexit-supporting constituency.

I look forward to future generations of politics students learning about the daring exploits of Owen Smith, the man who stuck two metropolitan fingers up at Labour’s own working class voter base and led his party to true, permanent electoral Armageddon.

So bring it on, Owen. Hug the European Union even tighter, tell all the Brexit-supporting people whose votes your party needs to go to hell again, and bring. it. on.


Owen Smith - Labour Party Leadership Coup

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2 thoughts on “Owen Smith Yearns To Defy The British People And Thwart Brexit. Let Him Try.

  1. Douglas Carter August 24, 2016 / 11:08 PM

    Each of the tribal political wings have their own general major flaw in their outlooks – that of the left-leaning generally tends towards lack of self-awareness. But first I won’t necessarily fault Smith for refusing to countenance Brexit. He reminds me – as so many of his ilk – of Monty Python’s Boxer played by John Cleese. Stig O’Tracy who, when jogging along the road finds his path blocked by a parked car. With a flash of inspiration on his challenged face, O’Tracy eventually turns round and runs in the direction from which he came. There is a solid core of Politicians for whom the EU is just a self-evident truth. A religion in all but name. The idea that people like Smith might break out of that mindset is probably not realistic. However, it’s reasonable that Referendum No. 2 might give the electorate a better idea of the facts at hand. Imagine how better informed they’ll be once we reach Referendum No. 7? Or when Referendum No. 128 is concluded?

    The lack of self awareness is here :- do they imagine, really, that if they overturn the vote of June 23 that the matter will be finally settled? Do they seriously imagine that?


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