Mao-Quoting IRA Apologist Calls UKIP An ‘Evil Force In Society’

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Labour’s shadow chancellor has all the time in the world for IRA terrorists, and only praise for their murderous actions. But John McDonnell thinks that UKIP voters and people who believe in national sovereignty are “evil”

While speaking at a Momentum campaign dinner this weekend, John McDonnell took a break from quoting Mao Tse-Tung and spoke instead about his view of UKIP:

But actually, winning for Labour is important but beating Ukip is just as important as well.

We can not allow what I think is an evil force within our society – that divides society often on the basis of race, often on the basis on some of the crudest policies that you can imagine any political party advocating. We cannot allow them to get any form  of toehold within our political system and that’s why it’s about defeating them but more importantly, defeating them — a clear contrast in terms of a sincere, local committed socialist candidate.

This, of course, is in the context of Labour’s loosening hold on the constituency of Oldham, where UKIP may overturn the 14,000+ majority won by the late Michael Meacher back in May.

And it’s good to know exactly what the Labour leadership thinks of those British people who believe in democracy, national sovereignty and self-determination – people who dare to be quietly patriotic instead of angrily insisting that there is any moral equivalence between Britain and the forces of terrorism, religious fundamentalism and communist dictatorship.

But of course we already knew what the Labour leadership thinks of those people. Since the beginning of Ed Miliband’s vacillating, sanctimonious leadership of the Labour Party back in 2010, the Labour Party has strutted around as though they are the sole custodians of the nation’s conscience and morals, the only ones with a soul – while the rest of us are evil Tory Scum who delight in persecuting the poor and the sick.

Even an unprecedented rejection at the ballot box in May and a leadership election did nothing to shake the confidence of the party base that they were enlightened and virtuous souls voting for society, while the rest of us were greedy, avaricious racists, voting for our wallets and a return to the 1920s. This may be the marching song of the Corbynites, but it is a self-flattering myth believed by other more moderate factions of the Labour Party, too.

As it goes with domestic policy, so it is with international affairs and Britain’s place in the world. The slavishly pro-EU stance of the Labour and the British Left are portrayed as the only “enlightened” or “moral” opinion to hold, while anyone who questions whether Britain should continue to participate in a tightening supra-national political union that nobody wanted or voted for is somehow reactionary or old-fashioned.

And that’s before we even mention immigration. The Labour Party are at their thuggish worst when they seek to smear anyone who questions the wisdom of unlimited intra-EU immigration as a bigot or racist. And John McDonnell proves that he is more than willing to do this, when he speaks about the danger of a political party which “divides society often on the basis of race”.

The irony, of course, is that whatever the other rights or wrongs of UKIP’s immigration policy, theirs is inarguably the least racist policy of all the main political parties, including Labour. The Labour Party, together with all others, are fully wedded to Britain’s continued membership of the European Union and the continued free movement of people within that union. Which is lovely for hard-working southern and eastern Europeans with no qualifications, who out-compete unqualified Brits in the labour market, but less so for highly skilled Indian, Pakistani, Chinese or Brazilian workers who may have a huge amount to contribute to our economy but face significant obstacles to working and settling here.

The Labour Party has no response to this fundamental truth. They know that their fixation on continued British membership of the European Union promotes racial discrimination against non-Europeans when it comes to immigration policy, as well as dooming underqualified Brits to a life of minimum wage drudgery. But the socialist, internationalist pipe dream of European government trumps real concern for working people every single day. So they assuage their guilty consciences by ostentatiously pretending to be great anti-racism campaigners, and accusing everybody who sees through their cheap, tawdry tricks of being tantamount to a white supremacist.

It’s cheap and it’s pathetic, and it’s being pimped out by a despicable Labour shadow chancellor who praised the use of terrorism – the bomb and the bullet – against innocent British citizens.

Six months after a general election at a time of Conservative government missteps and scandals, and Labour are struggling to defend a 14,000 seat majority in the safest of safe seats. Those votes are bleeding away in no small part to UKIP, who are convincing many wavering Labour voters that Nigel Farage’s party is now better placed to defend their interests than a Labour Party which has been captured first by substance-free Milibandism and then by Islingtonian, Jeremy Corbyn-style moral hectors.

And Labour’s response? The same response they always give when they are backed into a tight spot – shroud themselves in the white robes of virtue and scream “racism!” at anyone who points out just how morally and intellectually bankrupt they really are.

A humiliating UKIP victory in Oldham – and the banishment of John McDonnell back to the swamps of vile far-left obscurity where he belongs – cannot come soon enough.

John McDonnell - Little Red Book - Mao Tse Tung

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3 thoughts on “Mao-Quoting IRA Apologist Calls UKIP An ‘Evil Force In Society’

  1. George Cliffe November 30, 2015 / 11:26 AM

    I have a passionate disliked of people like Corbyn, Macdonald, Watson and Abbott, these are the true faces of evil and anyone who believes they a true to the people of this country of ours are just as guilty. These people who use racist and bigots are the same people who support organizations that want to see the destruction of a nation by the bomb and the bullet, admired dictators who between them murdered 90.000.000 of their people, I have no doubt they also harbor admiration for Adolf Hitler, and quite possibly drool over the leadership of North Korea, these misfits who should not even be considered for any office should be cast out into political obscurity. I don’t believe that most labour politicians are in anyway supportive of this kind of political view what’s so ever, but they need to have the balls to oust them out.
    I am a UKIP supporter because I want to be governed by my own government, not by some faceless bureaucratic unelected body. I voted for a common market not a super state, I have lived in Europe for more than 7 years I have seen the damage it has inflicted on the people’s of Europe it’s only the politicians who gain and greedy industrialist, you have more to gain than to lose by leaving the EU. As far as oldham is concerned 14000 majority labour has, is just a little too far for anyone to overturn but there is a dam good chance it will be very much reduced, I hope the people of these islands of ours wake up to the dangers of the EU and the muppets who now lead the Labour Party.


  2. Suzanne Smith November 29, 2015 / 11:09 PM

    It wouldn’t be so bad if politicians against the EU were against it for the good of most British people, but it’s the opposite. They’re against it because the EU is stopping them abusing British people, so only the few at the top can benefit.
    Despite the Tories joining us in with the European market in the first place when they thought it would only be good for their corporate donors, as soon as there were directives good for most British people and animals such as allowing enough breaks at work, labelling GM food and stopping cosmetic testing on animals, the Tories started to make the rest of Europe hate us and tried to turn us into a USA state instead. Such as when they made us the only country that allowed the USA to use us as an airport to bomb Libya, which killed Gaddafi’s child, and then led to Lockerbie. Other countries wouldn’t even give them airspace to make them fly around, and the Queen was upset at having such an uncaring PM. That was in the cold war when Russia was an ally of Libya, and the Reagan was planning a protective shield over the USA against attack, but we would have nothing. Then they made Ireland on the other side hate us by making no attempt at a peace plan, dubbing out voices of N Irish politicians in the media so we couldn’t hear the whole story, putting us all in danger.
    If it’s about immigration, then why would the UKIP leader have a foreign wife who he employs out of expenses, taking away jobs from British people? Nobody seriously thinks all those ex-Tories in the UKIP will suddenly start caring about British people, society or the NHS do they? If they care about British people, why did the UKIP join Tories voting to reduce tax credits?
    Don’t forget that the Tories tried to vote against Labour’s long awaited House of Lords reform, as wanted their upper class friends to be entitled to be paid for doing nothing with expenses. Then they tried to vote against Labour’s first ever minimum wage, saying if anybody doesn’t want to work in slave labour conditions then they’re lazy.
    Plus the Tories always make Scotland hate England, for us keep voting in the Tories, as they’re not as stupid to not remember the past history as soon as they read a Tory propaganda newspaper. If it wasn’t for Labour coming up with devolution, then Scotland would probably become separate ages ago.
    Scotland think they will have a better life being a separate nation in the EU. Imagine if that happened, with all Europe together in the EU, and the Tories making the EU and everybody else hate us.
    The Tories have a history of abusing British people and society, just so the few at the top can benefit. They used the police as their personal army against the millions who fought to keep their jobs. Lied that shipbuilding would go over to third world countries, when it’s now in rich countries like Japan. Were the first government to add tax to household bills after they privatised the energy companies, causing more old people to die of the cold then ever before.


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