All Hands To The Keyboards, To Save The United Kingdom


Stop talking about The Great British Bake Off for five minutes. Because in a couple of weeks time, there may no longer be a Great Britain at all.

If Scottish voters vote “yes” to independence in their coming referendum, that’s it – the end of the United Kingdom as we know it.

The Spectator magazine have taken the unprecedented step of announcing that this week’s cover story will be written not by journalists but by readers – it will be comprised of short letters from ordinary Britons, urging wavering Scots to vote to keep our country united.

Semi-Partisan Sam has already submitted a contribution, albeit a tortured piece that ran to 1,776 words, a number heavy with cultural and historic significance.

Though I feel unable to join in the opportunistic race to the left to compete with Alex Salmond, or the politicians’ desperate tactic of promising ever-more constitutional powers for Scotland alone rather than pledging to bring about the fully federal United Kingdom that I support, I wanted to say my piece and put on the record my love for my country in its unbroken, united form.

If you do nothing else political this year – and truly, the matter of our country’s ongoing survival transcends ordinary politics – take a moment to join in The Spectator’s campaign and say why the United Kingdom matters to you.


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