The Storm Cone

A supplemental Music For The Day suggestion: “Look, The Storm Cone” from Act I of Benjamin Britten’s 1945 masterpiece, the opera Peter Grimes.

This music seems particularly apt given the severe weather which continues to batter much of the United Kingdom this week, leading to the first “red warning” of the winter from the Met Office.


As the villagers proclaim at the climax: O tide that waits for no man – spare our coasts!


Now the flood tide
And the sea-horses
Will gallop over
The eroded coast
Flooding, flooding
Our seasonal fears.
Look! The storm cone
The wind veers.
A high tide coming
Will eat the land
A tide no breakwaters can withstand.
Fasten your boats. The springtide’s here
With a gale behind.
Is there much to fear?
Only for the goods you’re rich in:
It won’t drown your conscience, it might flood your kitchen.
God has his ways which are not ours:
His high tide swallows up the shores.
And keep your wife upstairs.
O Tide that waits for no man
Spare our coasts!


Those within traveling distance of London may want to check out the English National Opera’s production of Peter Grimes, running until the 27th February.


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