Best Thing Of The Day

Some very welcome news today for doughnut and coffee lovers living in the UK – Dunkin’ Donuts is preparing to launch itself onto our shores, with ambitious plans to open 150 restaurants over the next five years.

Yes please.
Yes please.

The Telegraph reports:

The chain, which pulled out of Britain in the mid-nineties as its sugary offerings and coffee failed to whet appetites in the UK, plans to develop 150 restaurants around in country.

Dunkin’ Donuts said on Thursday it had signed agreements with two franchise groups – The Court Group and DDMG – to open restaurants in North and East London. It is also in advanced talks with other franchise partners.

North London, as well! Bloody marvelous. I have always favoured Dunkin’ Donuts over Krispy Kreme (who established themselves in Britain back in 2003), not just for the doughnuts themselves but also the delicious breakfast food.

I had no idea that Dunkin’ had a UK presence back in the 1990s – apparently, as was the case with Taco Bell, the insular British palate was not yet ready for tasty, exciting things in those dark ages. We have come a long way in the intervening decades.

Of course, The Guardian cannot resist chiding us for allowing our mouths to water at the prospect of more choice in the doughnut market, publishing a less-than complimentary list of Dunkin’ Donuts facts, including:

1. There are 49g of sugar in a single one of its donuts. That’s more than half the guideline daily amount. The first casualty of the doughnut war is health.

Thanks, Mr. Buzzkill. But no matter; let us celebrate by enjoying this amusing Dunkin’ Donuts commercial from the United States:


I will, of course, be posting a review as soon as the first outlet opens. Stay tuned.


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