Vladimir Putin Does It Again

I have always held that there are certain very visible indicators which show when your country is drifting (or, in some cases, is firmly planted) towards the wrong end of the decent-ridiculous spectrum. So I made a list:

1. The word “Democratic” appears in the name

2. Parades consist of ICBMs, tanks and other assorted weapons rather than carnival floats and inflatable, floating Peanuts characters

3. More sports stadia named after current and former heads of state than there are research universities in the country

4. All  stadia, hospitals, public buildings and whatever research universities do exist are named after current and former heads of state

5. On the UN Human Rights Committee

6. The goose-step is the military march of choice

7. At big national events, when not goose-stepping, soldiers perform elaborate, highly choreographed dances to national folk music (thank you, North Korea)

8. Bear-wrestling, deep-sea-diving heads of state, or other cults of personality

9. Co-ordinated mass hysteria when the head of state dies (thanks again, North Korea)

To these sure signs of a bad time, we can now add one more, reported today by The Guardian:

10. The prime minister takes the time to meddle in decisions about who should chair the national Football Association following an earlier-than-hoped exit from Euro 2012.

Although it was expected that someone would take the fall for Russia’s loss, Fursenko’s exit came as a surprise.

“I have a feeling there is more to his resignation,” said Vyacheslav Koloskov, a former head of the football union and a former Fifa vice president. “Just three or four days ago, Fursenko said he was looking for a new coach, meaning he had no plans to resign. Something must have happened that made him change his mind,” he told local media.

Hmm. What could have happened to make him change his mind?

Nice going, Russia. Always blazing a trail and setting an example of strong institutions and democracy for all nations to follow.

Who will give us indicator #11? North Korea, got anything new for us?


Besides this old favourite, of course.

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