Newt Gingrich’s Path To Victory

I didn’t think there was one either, until I saw this footage:


Here, Newt Gingrich is waiting to address the AIPAC conference via ABC News satellite feed, and at one point the Happy Man nods off in front of the camera as the previous speaker, Leon Panetta, finishes his remarks.

Sadly, the moment comes eventually when he wakes up and starts delivering his speech. But captured here are at least 50 blissful seconds in which Newt Gingrich doesn’t really do or say anything overly grandiose, pompous, far-fetched, or in any other way further condemn his chances of winning the nomination.

If Sheldon Adelson has not yet turned off the financial life support taps to Mr. Gingrich’s campaign, perhaps this footage can be turned into his next television commercial. All he would need to do is whisper “I’m Newt Gingrich, and I approve this message…” in a voiceover at the end.