Yale University Under Assault By The Stepford Students

Footage from a confrontation at Yale University reveals the true extent of the infantilisation of today’s students

If you do nothing else today, watch and listen to this Yale student shouting at a college administrator.

Some context: the university administrator in question is Nicholas Christakis, the Master of Silliman College. When the university sent a campus-wide notice asking people to be “culturally sensitive” when choosing Halloween costumes this year, Christakis’s wife (repeat: not Christakis, his wife) – who also works for the university – had the temerity to send an email saying that as an educator, what her students choose to wear is none of her damn business.

This didn’t go down at all well with Yale’s coddled population of Stepford Students, for reasons which are now depressingly familiar to many of us. And so it led to a confrontation between some angry young protesters – indignant that the safety of their Safe Space had been compromised – and a harried Nicholas Christakis.

Here is the transcript of the one-sided student tirade:

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