For Eurosceptics, June Sarpong Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

June Sarpong - Britain Stronger in Europe - EU Referendum - Brexit

The faded TV presenter’s confused endorsement of Britain Stronger in Europe exposes the tawdry, deceitful tactics of the “In” campaign

For eurosceptics, the shambolic launch of Britain Stronger in Europe is the gift that keeps on giving.

And for those of us who spend our time writing about the EU referendum and the prospect of Brexit, it is nice when the europhiles do our work for us, which is exactly what June Sarpong managed to do in her (no doubt partly ghost-written) column in today’s Telegraph.

Two of the “In” campaign’s most basic tactics are quite simple:

  1. Talk and write consistently about “Europe” rather than the European Union, to plant the seed in voters’ minds that eurosceptics harbour some irrational fear of an entire continent and their people, and
  2. Make it seem like leaving one particular political union which happens not to suit Britain’s purposes would be akin to pulling up the drawbridge and becoming Fortress Britain, a quivering nation of agoraphobes who recoil from any form of international co-operation

It’s not rocket science and its success relies entirely on the British people being far more fearful and foolish than they are, but it is all the pro-Europeans have, so it is not surprising to see them running with it.

Unfortunately, put these basic weapons in the hands of June Sarpong and she handles them so ineptly that their clumsy and laboured use makes the tawdry strategy behind them pop uncomfortably into focus.

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