Star Wars, Libertarian Style


Have you ever found yourself thinking that Star Wars could do with a lot less Jar Jar Binks and lightsaber duels, and a lot more marathon eighteen-hour Galactic Senate sessions featuring impassioned filibusters against the authorisation of mass surveillance?

Me too. Then you’ll love‘s Star Wars Libertarian special, which I now share with you in honour of the release of Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens.

Just in time for the holidays, The Star Wars Libertarian Special features Senate filibusters, border patrol stops, eminent domain, a guest appearance by Edward Snowden, and rarely seen footage from Chewbacca’s galaxy-trotting documentary series about free-market economics.

That’s the stuff. My favourite line:

“The government has increased the cost of risk and so our supplier is increasing the cost of his services – it’s basic economics, Luke. We’re gonna do a little bit of lightsaber work and then I’m gonna have you read a LOT of Milton Friedman.”

More debate on the pressing question of whether Jedi knights are libertarian or socialist can be found here.

Libertarian Star Wars - Senator Revan Paul - Republican - Coruscant - 2

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