Left Wing Hyperbole Watch

Left Wing Hyperbole Watch - George Osborne


This thoughtful poem was contributed by a reader today. It is presented here exactly as it was sent to me – I think it speaks for itself.


She put a drawing in grandmas coffin,
Afterall shes only five years old,
How do you tell an infant,
How her grandma died so bold. ?

She fought the bedroom tax,
But Atos dealt deaths blow,
59 years old,
Its Tory ideology we know.

Fit for work despite her heart,
And arthritus in her bones,
4o years in that house,
A place she called her home.

When her grandaughter is older,
She will read and then she.ll know,
Why mummy cried and grandma died,
Its Tory ideology you know.

– Norman Dickson


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3 thoughts on “Left Wing Hyperbole Watch

  1. Clive Lord May 17, 2015 / 1:43 PM

    I am not sure whose side you are on here. Most of your posts accuse Tory opponents of envy. I am nowhere near the poverty trap myself, having a healthy superan as well as the extra 25p/week on my OAP for being 80. But the bedroom tax and benefit sanctions against a background of job scarcity still look ideologically driven to me. I find it worrying if you think the poem you publish is ‘left wing hyperbole’.
    I continue to read and comment on your blog because we do seem to have something in common – the Basic, or Citizens’ Income. Do you really go along with Iain Duncan Smith’s claptrap when after 6 years since the Universal Credit was first mooted, it is still beset with insurmountable problems?.
    I would welcome your comment on my position:
    The UC and BI have the same aim – to neutralize MEANS TESTING. The UC tried (not tries) to do it as meanly as possible, with a 65% claw-back rate, when Bankers only pay 45% tax on their bonuses. the insoluble problems are associated with this meanness.
    The Basic Income simply puts everybody on the same playing field. That it will be drastically redistributive (i.e costing the better off more tax) just demonstrates how unfair the present means tested system is.
    The government simply removing benefits without even the UC in place leads to poems like this one.


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