Resisting The Evil Tory Austerity Agenda Through The Power Of Poetry

Austerity poem - David Schneider - Conservative Party


Meet Dave Schneider.

Dave is an actor (as well as being a writer, director, coach, voiceover artist and social media guru).

But despite the demands of his multifaceted career, Dave still managed to have a good, long think about the injustices of “austerity”, and produce this gem of a poem.

Here’s the best bit:

There’s no money there’s no money

Hedge-fund people, have some money

Have some Royal Mail, NHS money,

There’s no money, there’s no money

You get the drift.

Naturally, all money belongs to the state, and exists to be parcelled out equally among all British citizens (as well as anyone else who wanders across the English channel, apparently). So Dave Schneider is able to talk about “NHS money” and “Royal Mail money” with a straight face, because as far as he is concerned, money doesn’t belong to the entrepreneurs, risk-takers or investors who create it – it all belongs to the government.

Thus tax cuts are phrased as “have some money” from the state, because in the world according to Dave Schneider, the money never belonged to the people who created it in the first place.

So let’s all join in a rousing chorus of “There’s No Money”. And when we have memorised and recited the Austerity Poem, perhaps there will be time left over to perform some pro-NHS propaganda street theatre.

After all, there’s no such thing as bad art among the anti-austerity crowd.


h/t Vickster51Corner.

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