General Election Hustings 2015 – Hampstead and Kilburn

West Hampstead General Election 2015 Candidate Hustings


When the votes of the 2010 general election were counted in the northwest London constituency of Hampstead and Kilburn, veteran Labour MP Glenda Jackson clung on to her seat in the face of a strong Conservative challenge by the narrowest of margins – a mere 44 votes. The fact that the Liberal Democrats were a only 800 votes further behind makes this blogger’s home constituency the tightest three-way marginal in the country.

Based on the 2010 results, with Labour 44 votes ahead of the Tories and the Conservative-LibDem coalition none too popular among many voters, the Labour Party could reasonably expect to hold this seat in May 2015. But these are not normal times, and the various national dynamics at play will keep this constituency an interesting one to watch.

The excellent local West Hampstead blog, West Hampstead Life, is organising candidate hustings to take place in the constituency at the Sheriff Centre on West End Lane tonight at 7.30pm. Your blogger will be present, and hopes to sneak a couple of minutes with each candidate to question them on national issues and their personal philosophies.

The parliamentary candidates for the constituency of Hampstead & Kilburn are as follows:

Labour – Tulip Siddiq

Conservative – Simon Marcus

Liberal Democrat – Maajid Nawaz

UKIP – Magnus Nielsen

Green Party – Rebecca Johnson


This blog will live-tweet the hustings @SamHooper, and publish a summary shortly after the event.


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