On Louis CK

Louis CK would, I am sure, have a fairly biting put-down ready for me, were he to read this – if for no other reason than the fact that it is being published a day late. Ah well. As the man himself would say, “I don’t care”.

Huffington Post certainly seems to care though, as yesterday they published a short tribute to the provocative comedian on the occasion of his birthday, together with a compilation of twenty three of the most biting, acerbic comments from his stand-up routines and interviews:

Today is Louis C.K.’s birthday. Louie’s had a good year: He decided to take a well-deserved break from his brilliant show “Louie” to recharge his batteries, and got a role in a Woody Allen movie.

Too bad that “Louie” is on hiatus, but at least we have these gems to laugh at, and a neurotic movie to look forward to. Some of my favourite Louis CK observations are presented here:


That may be true, but things sure do taste a little sweeter now that it isn’t George W. Bush in the oval office.


This blog has always been a firm supporter of equal rights for gay couples, and I certainly have no patience for people who, on realising that they have lost the core civil rights argument, fall back on rhetorically weak complaints such as this one – that legalising gay marriage may force them into having a conversation with their children. Quelle horreur!


Wise words, applicable to anyone with the courage to climb up on stage and tell jokes, run for public office, or even just to hit “publish” on a controversial blog post.


Again, very true. The British Education Secretary, Michael Gove, made a similar point during his testimony to the Leveson Enquiry into the behaviour of the British media last year, patiently explaining to Leveson that free speech really means nothing unless you accept the fact that some of the people are going to be offended some of the time.

Louis CK is certainly no new phenomenon (in my typical behind-the-curve style, I discovered what the fuss was about several years later), but he is fast becoming one of my favourite comedians for the very point that he expresses in the above caption. When political correctness begins to impinge on every facet of life, when politicians and the media bow down before it rather than speaking difficult truths and exhibiting the leadership that we need, it has largely fallen to comedians and satirists to shine a spotlight on the absurdity taking place around us.

For those interested in this topic, I highly recommend the following video, a round table discussion with Louis CK, Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld:



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