From The Blogging Cave

Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan, fresh from his two week vacation (during which time I had no one to tell me what to think about the humanitarian crisis in Syria and the potential upcoming military action), who publicised an interesting new Tumblr blog, entitled “Where Bloggers Blog“.

From the site’s description:

I pulled this tumblr together so that we can all see the workspaces of our favourite bloggers — the places where all the magic happens.  For the record, this isn’t a decorating blog — this is purely about sharing the diversity of creative spaces of our favourite bloggers, illustrating that blogging magic and inspiration happen in many different awesome, eccentric, spacious, cozy, neat, messy, colourful ways.

Whilst I am waiting for my own contribution to be uploaded to the site, readers can get a sneak peak of my current blogging cave below:

The Semi-Partisan Blogging Cave
The Semi-Partisan Blogging Cave

The American flag went up to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington last week, and will be brought back down when I have the inclination to do so. Fox News is playing on the television because (1) it is the only US news channel available in the UK (CNN’s pathetic International Edition does not count), and (2) you have to keep an eye on those crazy guys at Fox News Channel, because you never know what they will get up to if left unsupervised.

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