Rick Perry Lurks

The worst news of the day by far: Rick Perry is about to make a Big Announcement today in San Antonio, regarding his political future. There should be no surprises here – he will run again for governor, and (as he has already warned us) has not ruled out a second presidential run in 2016:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry isn’t ruling out another Republican presidential run in 2016. But he didn’t announce on Sunday whether he’ll seek a fourth term as governor.

Asked about 2016 on “Fox News Sunday,” Perry said: “Well, certainly, that’s an option out there, but again, we got a lot of work to do in this building right behind me [the Texas capitol] over the course of the next couple of weeks that have my focus substantially more than even 2014 or 2016.”

As for whether he’ll run for another term as governor, he said he’s making an announcement on Monday.

Because apparently his disastrous, calamitous car-crash of a 2012 campaign has not conclusively deterred him:


Let’s abolish commerce, education and the department of…?


Can someone cheer me up by running a quick poll on a Clinton vs Perry 2016 election?

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