The Power Of The Presidency

…does not currently extend to persecuting or firing police officers who arrest spoiled, washed-up young starlets who drive while drunk. As Jonathan Turley wryly notes:

It is not clear which actress Amanda Bynes is in greater need of: basic driving or constitutional law lessons. After being arrested for drunk driving, Bynes took to Twitter to ask that President Barack Obama “fire the cop who arrested me.” While Obama may be willing to break away from an emerging civil war in Syria and a worsening economy to address the pressing problems of the starlet, he may find it difficult to fire the officer who is a state employee. However, according to the Justice Department, he does have the ability to declare the officer a threat to the nation and have him summarily executed. After all, if arresting a starlet is not an act of terrorism in our celebrity-driven society, I do not know what is.

I think that Obama may have just a couple of slightly more pressing issues to occupy his attention before he gets around to this particular request.

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