To Be A High-Tech Cow

Oh, to be a high-tech cow! Look at Claudia, lying there resplendent in all her glory:

From what this NPR article tells us, these results are achieved solely through careful selective breeding and precision-blended nutritional supplements. There is no mention of hormone or genetic modification shenanigans, so our Whole Foods/Farmers Market-shopping, gluten-avoiding friends can probably also enjoy the superior taste of Claudia’s milk without cause for worry.

As a final aside, let’s all pause for a moment and imagine the poor UPS driver who has to make regular shipments of bull semen to the Fulper’s farm. Or the individual who, uh, has to…extract it from the bull. You may be stuck in the office later than you hoped on Friday evening, but I bet your job doesn’t seem quite so bad now, huh?


One thought on “To Be A High-Tech Cow

  1. Mum March 9, 2012 / 6:50 PM

    Heaven help us!


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