Somebody Stop Bill Kristol

Apparently not content with having helped to inflict Sarah Palin on an unsuspecting, unprepared world back in 2008, unabashed neo-conservative Bill Kristol is now actively cheerleading for Palin to run for the US Senate in 2014, in the hopes that she can defeat incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Begich.

Kristol says:

I think the way Palin would possibly resurrect herself, if that’s the right word or rehabilitate herself, I guess is a better way of putting it — run for Senate in Alaska in 2014. I’m not urging that. I’m just saying, if I were her adviser, I would say, take on the incumbent, you have to win a primary, then you have to beat an incumbent Democrat, it’s not easy. But if she did that, suddenly, imagine that, Sarah Palin, freshman Senator in 2015 in Washington, having beaten an incumbent, that’d be pretty interesting.

Interesting? Really? How anyone with as little intellectual firepower as Sarah Palin occupying a seat in the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body (TM) could be seen as “pretty interesting” is almost unfathomable. Awful, certainly, but not interesting in any way. Even otherwise intelligent and sane Republicans, such as Marco Rubio or Rand Paul, are set dead against the idea of compromise or governance of any kind. How would adding another entity with similar views (ObamaCare = worst thing ever, immigration reform must be stopped, let’s cut taxes but raise spending on defense and benefits for old people who vote) but no brain to justify them help matters at all?

Someone needs to get Dick Morris to predict a landslide Palin victory in a potential Senate contest with Mark Begich so I can sleep easier at night again.