Labour Party Leadership Contest: Anyone But Chuka


If the Labour Party choose former Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna to be their new leader, they will make perfectly clear that they have no intention of learning the lessons from their defeat, and they will fully deserve another electoral humiliation in 2020.

It really is that simple. Chuka Umunna is not necessarily a bad person – in many ways he was one of the few truly competent performers and articulate voices in Ed Miliband’s team of losers – but the mere act of his installation as the successor to Attlee, Wilson, Callaghan and Kinnock would be enough to permanently alienate many of the voters who spurned Labour this May.

This blog has watched for years as the Labour Party gave up any pretence of offering Britain a real, coherent ideological alternative, and instead became a moralising, virtue-signalling talking shop, run by and on behalf of their London-based, upper middle class clerisy.

They may still regurgitate the language of standing up for the working man, the poor and the vulnerable – when they are in public. But behind closed doors their love of the EU, heavy handed regulation, bloated public services and open door immigration with no effort to up-skill the domestic workforce to compete made quite clear that Ed Miliband’s Labour Party was very much in it for selfish reasons.

Take Chuka Umunna’s leadership announcement video, posted to YouTube today. Delivering his remarks from Swindon, where the Tories increased their majorities in both local constituencies, Umunna said:

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