The World Of Jennifer Rubin

Sometimes someone just says it better than you ever can.

And on this occasion, Andrew Sullivan hits the nail on the head.

I have previously blogged about the ocean of willful ignorance in which pundits like Kimberley Strassel and Jennifer Rubin gently bob, but Sullivan reboots the attack and gives us the big picture. Behold – this is what determined head-in-the-sand, willing self-deception can make a person – in this case Jennifer Rubin – say.

The Dish


[Re-posted from earlier today]

Come join me, for a while, in an alternative universe. In this universe, Obama is clearly a worse president than George W. Bush. Now how do we get there? Here’s a start:

Many of [Bush’s] supposed failures are mild compared to the current president (e.g. spending, debt).

But by far the biggest factor in today’s debt are the unfunded wars Bush launched and lost, the massive tax cuts which took us from surplus to deficit, a spending spree on Medicare, and a collapse of the economy which occurred on Bush’s watch after eight years of negligent regulation of Wall Street. This sentence is therefore almost perversely deceptive.

Unlike Obama’s tenure, there was no successful attack on the homeland after 9/11.

Does 9/11 not count? The biggest national security failure since Pearl Harbor – resulting in more than 3,000 deaths? After the president was explicitly warned

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